Personalized Digital Marketing Strategies

Website Design

Stand out from your competitors with a website that's attractive, informative and easy to navigate-designed to convert traffic and keep new customers coming in.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO, can help you get to page one of Google, which will drive more customers your way.

Social Media

We'll manage your Facebook page and presence for you and post often to engage your followers and attract new customers. Most importantly, we'll use social media to help improve your standing in Google's eyes.

Online Scheduling

Allow your clients to schedule consultations and appointments with you right on your website, and store client information directly in the app for your convenience.

Email Marketing

Reach your customers via email and ask them for feedback to collect more positive reviews of your business and improve your rankings on Google.

Invoicing and Payments

Send invoices and collect payments using our business management app so you can get paid faster and more reliably. Tracking payments and receipts for your work has never been easier.

Here's What Our Clients Are Saying

John and Bill were relying on word of mouth to bring in new customers, but knew they needed to keep up with changing times and their evolving industry if they wanted to stand out from their competitors.

"The quality of leads that we're getting out of this program is just phenomenal."

— John Chase and Bill Noone, Chase Custom Homes & Finance Inc.

Who We Are

Townsquare Interactive, part of Townsquare Media (NYSE: TSQ), was created to help community-focused people and businesses in small- and mid-size markets across the United States. When Townsquare Media's 50,000+ local radio clients wanted to reach customers outside of broadcast advertising, Townsquare Interactive formed in 2012 to help those businesses achieve their goals with local digital marketing solutions that attract new customers and help their businesses grow.

We'll do the same for you and make it easy for new customers to find you online and discover your business: